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Clinical Supervision

Congratulations on reaching this major milestone in your career! Family Therapy is pleased to be a training site for Master's level interns. We have a supervisor on staff that offers supervision services to Licensed Professional Counselor-Interns (LPC-Interns).

As a training site, we offer clinical supervision, professional consultation services, and client's interested in receiving services from intern level individuals. Supervision may encompass various tasks, and you may be asked to engage in case consultation, record sessions, or staff meetings to gain additional training and insight.

Supervision is offered in various formats in order to provide a dynamic learning experience. Individual face to face supervision, group supervision, and hybrid supervision are all available. Contact us today to start your clinical training.

Requirements to Start Supervision:

  • Copy of Current Resume

  • Copy of Master's level transcript

  • Copy of Termporary (intern level) license if available

  • Copy of Professional Liability/Malpractice insurance

  • Copy of NCE results with satisfactory score

  • 2 professional levels of reference ​

Clinical Supervision: Headliner
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