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Your Local Therapist - Here to Guide You

All therapists are independently contracted and are not employees of Family Therapy of the Ozarks.

Meet The Therapist: Welcome

Mary Turner, LCSW, CCDP-D

Executive Director/Therapist


Mary is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and is a Certified Co-Occurring Disorder – Diplomat (Substance Abuse Professional Counselor).  She is certified in Civil and Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution for Missouri. 

Mary is extensively trained to treat trauma, both one-time events and events that occurred throughout an individual’s lifetime through abuse, neglect, poverty, substance use, etc.  She is trained specifically in the following therapy techniques: EMDR, Trauma Focused – CBT, CBT, Relational Therapy, Attachment Therapy and other modalities.   She has had 30 years of experience serving at-risk populations including individuals who have been diagnosed with disabilities through her employment and community volunteer work. 

While living in Kansas, Mary was designated to serve on a statewide task force to implement drug prevention programs in the public school and she implemented programs for the persistently mentally ill clients being served by a non-profit agency to help identify potential crisis situations brought on by failing to be medication compliant and established a program for individual counseling for their mental illness. 

Mary and her husband were foster parents for several years and provides a unique set of skills to foster children and their families.  She and her husband have adoption as a result of being involved in the foster care system, and has helped many birth parents and families considering adoption.

Meet The Therapist: About Me

Caitlyn Hill, LMSW



As a therapist, my goal is to provide an empowering structure so that my clients can flourish and heal. My past experience includes work with children and families, individuals who have experienced trauma, children in the foster care system, and work providing in-home services for families.  I have also worked as an English as a Second Language educator internationally with children recovering from war trauma.

My experiences working with children and families and my education have been geared toward understanding the impacts of trauma and healing during developmentally critical windows. My goal is to employ developmentally appropriate strategies for any child receiving services from me and to encourage caregiver support and partnership during the therapeutic process. I use various artistic and evidenced-based practices including Cognitive Behavioral and play-based therapeutic techniques, along with trauma-focused techniques when necessary. While I primarily serve children ages 2 and up, I am also available to couples, families, and individuals of all ages.

For every client, I employ strategies to increase confidence, self-awareness, and stronger social and occupational functioning. My hope for all individuals seeking services is to increase relational health with a client-centered approach.

Meet The Therapist: About Me

Lyndi Bartlett

Provisionally-Licensed Professional Counselor


Lyndi Bartlett holds a bachelor's degree in Bible and Theology from Central Bible College and a master's degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University in Chicago.

Prior to starting at Family Therapy of the Ozarks, she has been a homeschool mom and a teacher at her homeschool co-op. While living in Chicago, she and her husband have been innovative entrepreneurs in the resale store business. 

Lyndi looks forward to supporting and building a firm foundation for growth with individuals, couples, and families in a counseling setting. Though she enjoys working with all populations and situations, she has great enthusiasm in processing with individuals going through major life transitions.

Aside from her professional life as a counselor, Lyndi and her husband Derick have four children and live in the Springfield area. She is very active in her children's lives and enjoys watching her girls perform in ballet. Lyndi and her family attend and are active members of James River Church. She has a big heart to serve her community outside of her professional life.

Meet The Therapist: About Me

Rhonda Dlouhy, MSW, LCSW, GC-C

Individual Therapist


Rhonda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Grief Counselor. Rhonda
earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Missouri State University and her Master of
Social Work degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Rhonda has attended a wealth
of training, workshops, and conferences through the years to enhance her competency in
working with children, families, and adults. Rhonda has also been an adjunct professor at
Missouri State University teaching a course on child welfare.
Rhonda has more than 28 years of experience in working with abuse, neglect, trauma, foster
care, and adoption. For the past several years, Rhonda has worked in hospice providing
support, resources, and hope to terminally ill patients and their families.
Rhonda and her husband have been married for nearly 40 years. They have four children,
including a son that they provided kinship care to and eventually adopted. Rhonda and her
husband attend Crossway Baptist Church. Rhonda loves to camp, travel, scrapbook, and make
Rhonda is able to work with individuals on a variety of issues. Rhonda seeks to provide
compassion, empathy, perspective, and hope to those wanting to change and grow through

Meet The Therapist: About Me

Stacy Rust

Provisionally-Licensed Professional Counselor


Stacy has a calming therapeutic presence, and truly honors and supports her clients. She offers a safe and sacred space for her clients to explore their worries, needs, desires, goals, and dreams.  

Stacy offers therapy and interventions for a variety of issues, including: 

-Reducing anxiety 

-Relationship issues 


-Work / Life Balance 


-PTSD / Trauma 

Regarding working with Stacy, some of her clients have said: 

“As our sessions have progressed, I have learned to love myself and to trust myself again. I would encourage working with Stacy to anyone who has dealt with trauma in their lives. I have learned to calm my anxiety and listen to my inner voice.” 

“Stacy was able to connect with me on an emotional level, which allowed her to work on roadblocks I’d created that were holding me back.” 

“I have grown and had life changing revelations while working with Stacy. I truly believe this is in direct correlation to her willing, humble, and loving light.” 

In addition to being a Mental Health Therapist, Stacy is a Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Health Coach, Certified Meditation Instructor, is certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and has training in Child Centered Play Therapy, Yoga instruction, EFT Tapping and grief work. 

Meet The Therapist: About Me

Crystal Gooch-Rollins

Therapist in Training


I am currently attending Missouri State University in the School of Social Work Advanced Standing Masters Program. Currently, I hold a bachelor's degree in social work and am a practicum student at Family Therapy of the Ozarks to become a licensed clinical social worker with a future in counseling.

My personal goal in every endeavor is to increase the positive well-being of those around me and to learn something new from them. Integrity and inclusion are important aspects of my work ethic. My passion for people is directly associated with helping alleviate their suffering and fostering self-examination to create meaningful change. I believe each person has a unique story that involves influence from the families, communities, and the environment we are surrounded by. Therefore, a client-centered approach is very important to me.

My strengths are being a team-oriented individual with a high level of initiative and a positive approach to work. Also, I obtain a sound knowledge of mental health and philanthropic studies to ensure quality outcomes. My experience working with diverse people has given me the skills and ability to follow through and care about results.

Meet The Therapist: About Me

Denali Good

Therapist in Training

Therapy Office

If you need a safe place to work things through with a trusting therapist then please give a call and schedule an appointment today. I have worked with all ranges of clients over the years and am here for you.

I am CRADC certified, SATOP qualified, and have certified peer specialist credentials. I have been working in this field for the past 6 years and am a Veteran of the Marine Corps. I favor psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches. 

Meet The Therapist: About Me
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