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Conflict Resolution Mediation


Conflict Mediation

Mediation simply refers to the process of resolving conflict in which a third party neutral (mediator), assist the disputants to resolve their own conflict. The process is voluntary and the mediator does not participate in the outcome of the mediation process (agreement). The disputing parties themselves have control over the agreements to be reached.

There are indeed so many advantages in using mediation as conflict resolution mechanism;

  • The process is non-adversarial,

  • Less-expensive

  • Assures confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality

  • Is non-legalistic

  • Avoids delays

  • And very flexible

Besides, the process provides the disputants the opportunity to find solutions to their own conflicts. The process therefore ensures acceptance of the outcome by both parties, thereby enhancing sustainable peace.

Conflict Meditation: Services
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